Typographical conventions

The Substrate documentation uses a few typographical conventions that aim to maximize readability and provide clear cues for how to use example code and commands that you copy and paste from the manual.

  • Fixed-width text is meant to be typed or copied and pasted into a prompt or a file. Sometimes these may be fully formed commands that can be executed. Other times these may be fragments or starting points to be customized or expanded.

  • Words and phrases within fixed-width text that is surrounded by angle brackets are placeholders meant to show structure but not literal value. Sometimes the placeholder is a plausible, though not necessarily appropriate value as in -quality <default>. Other times the placeholder indicates the kind of value as in -assume-role-policy <filename>.

  • Italicized text elsewhere indicates a section or title on some other web page being referenced, as is commonly done when the Substrate documentation provides a walkthrough of an AWS, Azure, Google, or Okta interface as part of a larger task.

  • Quoted text is similarly used to indicate which check box or radio button to select on some other web page being referenced.

  • Bold text is used to indicate the text on a button you should click on.

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