New to Substrate? Here's the deal: In AWS, the one true unit of isolation is the AWS account but isolating all your environments and services in their own AWS accounts can be tedious. Substrate removes all the hassles that come with having lots of AWS accounts - access, navigation, IAM roles and permissions, networking, and more - so you can reap all the security, reliability, and compliance benefits of true isolation between your AWS workloads.

If you're the first person at your company to pick up Substrate, begin by bootstrapping your AWS organization.

New users at companies already using Substrate can jump straight to getting started with Substrate and learn about the daily workflow Substrate encourages.

Once you're up and running, this site has all your references for common access and management tasks, resources for your first (or fourteenth) SOC 2 audit, architectures that get the most of of Substrate and AWS, and more.

This Documentation is also available on the GitHub, so feel free to open an issue or a pull request if you find any problems or want to suggest improvements.

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