Subscribing to AWS support plans

You may wish to purchase an AWS Support plan for one or more of your AWS accounts. Doing so can get you access to phone support, more urgent SLAs, and more. AWS Support is annoyingly account-centric rather than organization-centric which makes it potentially a lot more expensive and much harder to purchase. On the other hand, it’s possible to be selective and reduce the fraction of your bill that you’re paying 3-10% of for support. You can leave some accounts on Basic support, purchase Developer support for others, and get Business or even Enterprise support for your most critical production accounts. (Note, though, that if you’re ever so big to be considering EDP contracts, you’ll be forced into Enterprise support for every account.)

If you’ve decided one (or more) of your accounts need an AWS Support plan, here’s how you purchase it:

  1. Use your Intranet to launch the AWS Console as Administrator in the account purchasing the support plan.
  2. Visit
  3. Click Review Upgrade in the column corresponding to the plan you wish to purchase for this account.
  4. Click Accept and agree (or Contact us if you’re splurging for Enterprise support).